Practice YOUR line dances with just one CD!
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Get the most out of line dancing with this great combination.


So what is “THE Line Dance CD”?

In a nutshell – It is a compilation of well crafted instrumental tracks.

Nothing amazing about that! NO……….BUT……..

Unique Line Dance CD

Paul Fitz-Patrick ImageHello Line Dancers

My name is Paul Fitz-Patrick and I started Line dancing in the 1990’s when Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart came to town. I later became a line dancing teacher (for a short time) and have now been selling very popular Line Dance DVD’s online since 2005.

I wasted time trying to find a line dancing song that was slower than the one the line dance was choreographed to.

The Line Dance CD or a stack
STOP Wasting Your Valuable Time.
Just put the CD in and start practicing any line dance.

No More Frustration.
No More searching through all your CD’s trying to find a song.

Have music at your finger tips.
All you need is just his one CD for all your practice
Saving you hundreds of $$$$ purchasing lots of different CD’s – Sorry Big Record Companies!!

No vocal distractions.
Speed up your learning. Without the distraction of vocals, you can concentrate on your line dancing steps. Although it may not sound like it, this can be a major benefit.

Suitable for everyone – Beginner to Advanced
That’s YOU. This CD will be yours forever, and it will help you, not just now, but for as long as you dance.

Line Dancing is great for Losing weight.
Get a list of dances and corresponding tracks and dance, dance, dance until you drop.
Line Dancing also keeps your mind active while you exercise.

Learn how to count-in a dance.
No more standing there blank trying to work out when to start.
The way this is set up will give you an inside knowledge of line dance music.

About The CD

  • Each track is approximately 7 – 12% faster than the previous one.
  • Graduating from a slow dance practice track to a progressively faster one.
  • Just move to the next track (faster or slower) until you find a “good” speed for YOU.

How to use the CD

A few Scenarios

  1. You have a line dance step sheet and you want to learn the dance – Nice and Slow.
  2. You have music but have trouble dancing – or you want to practice it slower but don’t know a slower song to practice with.
  3. You know a dance but you think it needs to be livelier / faster.
  4. I am sure you will find lots more.

The Solution

  1. Go to the middle song (let’s say track 9).
  2. If this seems too fast, rewind a couple of tracks lower (slower) until you find the speed that works for you.
  3. If it seems too slow, fast forward a couple of tracks higher (faster) until you find the speed that works for you.

Let’s say you are comfortable with the tempo of track 11 Yippee!! it is time to practice (write it down for later reference).

It is that SIMPLE. (Watch video below).

TIP – It is sometimes helpful to graduate to faster speeds so that when you go back to class the original speed will be so easy.
It may or may not be the right speed but if it is comfortable for you it is PERFECT.

Do you have trouble knowing which song will work with which dance?

Do you have trouble knowing when to start dancing?

You are not alone;
In fact the majority of dancers have this problem, especially in the beginning.

Understanding music for Line Dancing is as easy as 1,2,3
Watch Video.

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Who is The CD For?
ESSENTIAL for beginners.

INDESPENSIBLE for Intermediate Line Dancers,

Extremely USEFUL for advanced dancers.
What this CD is NOT.
A replacement for commercial music that each song is choreographed to.

It is unlikely you will want to play this in your car but hey, you just might.

This may not be suitable for dances with tags, re-starts etc as each of these types of advanced dances are choreographed to the strict phrasing and structure of a specific song. But the bulk of the line dance CAN be danced with “THE Line Dance CD”.

It is, however,
Perfectly suited
for learning and practicing many line dances.

The Line Dance CD
A high quality CD containing 23 tracks.

Just put it in your CD player and start dancing.
The amazing benefits of “THE Line Dance CD” should be immediately obvious to all dancers whether you are a beginner or been line dancing for years.

OK the Nitty Gritty – What you Get

20 23 tracks

  • 10 tracks of graduating speed with a straight feel (see video above).
  • Plus 10 tracks of graduating speed with a swing feel (see video above).
  • 3 Beautiful Waltz tracks graduating in speed.
  • Each track is aproximately 2.5 to 3 minutes long.

Listen Now (aprox 20 – 25 sec samples)
Just Press Play Button on player below.

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3 x beautiful dedicated Waltz tracks (Slow – Med – Fast).

You probably do not have the Flash Player installed for your browser or the audio files are misplaced on the server!


Check out these 3 Great Bonuses.

Slow Down Music Secrets Image


  1. How to Slow Down Music
  2. How to make a Medley of songs (Join songs together into one).
  3. How to Make a Slide Show.

Bonus 1
How To Slow Down Music

19 minutes of video tutorial.

Although “The Line Dance CD” is great for most dances there are some complicated dances with restarts, breaks, etc; which is where this video training is indispensable.

I show you how to

  • Download the required software (free) and where to find it.
  • Set it up and configure it ready for use.
  • Show you the special features (out of hundreds) needed. “KEEP IT SIMPLE”
  • Then Put it to work and slow down a song.
  • Lastly save it as .WAV or .MP3 and more…

In no time at all you will be able to easily slow down a song by 5%, 10%, 20% or even more so that you can practice the music or dance routine at a slower pace.

Then save it for future use.

It is so Easy – and Quick
. In fact I will show you how I can slow down a song and save it in 26 seconds.

I Value this tutorial at $27 but you get it FREE when you purchase.

This is worth the price on its own!

Bonus 2
How to Make a Medley / Compilation of Songs

32 minutes of video tutorial.

I show you how to

  • Import the required tracks.
  • Adjust volume levels of individual tracks.
  • Slice the track into sections..
  • Move each section around to where you want it
  • Fade tracks into each other.
  • Detailed instruction – then how to save it for future use.
  • And More…

You are only limited by your imagination

I Value this tutorial at $17 but you get it FREE when you purchase.

This is worth the price on its own!

Bonus 3
How To Make a Slide Show

43 minutes of video tutorial.

I show you how to

  • Add photos.
  • Add music
  • Make them blend into each other with transitions.
  • Built in themes make it really easy (quick but impressive)
  • or you can customise each photo (slow)
  • And more…

Note the software I use for the slide show tutorials is only available for Windows and may already be on your computer (Windows Live Movie Maker).

I Value this tutorial at $17 but you get it FREE when you purchase.

This is worth the price on its own!

“Just wanted to let you know I love the program. It really does make practicing fun again!!!!
The instructions for using the program were great. Thank you so much.” – Joan T (Panama City, FL)

“Well I got it all done and it works. I can bring in an MP3 as well as a .WAV verson and it works. I picked up some ideas from the video, I did not know how to select it all by clicking to the side below the stuff. This will be a great help……
I did not know about the lame plugin and the FFmpeg. I guess those programs is what makes it work on everything. Thanks.” – Nancy M (Hutchinson, KS)

For security reasons I need to manually upgrade you to enable access to Bonuses. I try to do this within 1 business day and I will send email once done with further instructions.

Ok Lets just recap on what you will receive

What You Get. Short Description Value
“The Line Dance CD” 23 Tracks graduating in speed. $17
Slow Down Music Secrets Video Tutorials (Access for 12 months). $27
How to Make a Medley / Compilation. Video Tutorials (Access for 12 months). $17
How to Make a Slideshow (Windows only). Video Tutorials (Access for 12 months). $17
Total Value You WON’T PAY THIS $78

How Much?

I am sure you are wondering how much “THE Line dance CD” is now that you have seen how essential it is for your line dancing. I am sure when you find out the price you will get a pleasant surprise!

How many CD’s would you have to buy to get a good assortment of tracks suitable for Line Dancing practice? 10? x $20 = $200.
I can tell you now you are not going to have to pay anywhere near that price

Most CD’s only have around 12 tracks of which possibly only half may be suitable = 6 tracks per CD if you are lucky.

With “The Line Dance CD” You are getting 23 usable tracks.
Plus around 90 minutes of Video training.

I believe it is excellent value at $29.95
But today it is yours for just $17 + p&h. (for now!)

Grab it now before the price goes up.

Guarantee Certificate The Line Dance CD Image
So what do you say? Ready to get started?

Oh and one other thing – I respectfully ask that you do NOT make any illegal copies of this CD to give away or sell. If it was your “baby” How would you feel? Thank you.

I know of nothing else like it on the market. So grab it now

Yes! Paul, I’m Excited!

Please Send Me “THE Line Dance CD” A.S.A.P.

I get this for just $17 (+p&h) when I act now!

I also understand that I am covered by your 30 day money back guarantee (see above).

Get the CD Here

$17 + $7.95 (P&H)

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Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

All prices are in US$ (USA Dollars)

Line Dance Signature
PS “THE Line Dance CD” will save you money, time and frustration by giving you all the practice tracks you need all on one CD. How can you afford not to get it?

PPS The Bonuses alone are worth the price.

PPSS There is nothing else like this on the market that I know of so get a head start on your line dancing friends.

PPPSS This is so simple it is amazing no one else has done it!!!! Well there is a reason
It is NOT easy to find music that can be used and re sold / re-packaged legally. Believe me I tried everything I could think of. Even if you could, the legalities and time it takes to implement it is horrendous. This was why I spent many years of blood sweat and tears writing, arranging and putting this collection together.

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